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Elite Dangerous Bounty Hunting Spots

Find Compromised Navigation Beacons and Resource Extraction Sites (hazardous, high, medium, and low) in Elite Dangerous here.

This information is updated automatically. It is not possible to automatically tell where in the system the RES are nor how many there are. Data is for the Live game (Odyssey + Horizons 4.0)!

For other manual options with potentially more information, try EDTools or Elite Dangerous Utilities.

Search near within Ly (10 - 100).

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Not listed? The faction doesn't own a system with a CNB/RES or the data is old.

Bounty hunting systems within 25 Ly of Sol (max 100)

SystemDistance (Ly)CNBHaz RESHighMedLowOwnerUpdated
Sol 📄0.0Mother Gaia2024-Apr-20
Barnard's Star 📄6.0Hutton Orbital Truckers Co-Operative2024-Apr-20
WISE 0855-0714 📄7.2Hutton Orbital Truckers Co-Operative2024-Apr-20
Duamta 📄9.9Duamta Gold Creative Corp.2024-Apr-20
WISE 1506+7027 📄10.5Redshift Logistics2024-Apr-20
Lacaille 9352 📄10.7Lacaille 9352 Jet State Holdings2024-Apr-20
YZ Ceti 📄12.1YZ Ceti Blue Galactic & Co2024-Apr-20
Luyten's Star 📄12.4Sirius Corporation2024-Apr-20
Lacaille 8760 📄12.9Future of EZ Aquarii2024-Apr-20
LHS 380 📄13.8Star Pilots2024-Apr-20
Toolfa 📄14.0Union of Toolfa Progressive Party2024-Apr-20
G 41-14 📄14.5Earth Defense Fleet2024-Apr-20
TZ Arietis 📄14.6FrogCorp2024-Apr-20
LHS 450 📄14.8Gilgamesh Corps Orbital Protection2024-Apr-20
LHS 449 📄14.8Sol Workers' Party2024-Apr-20
Luyten 145-141 📄15.0Hutton Orbital Truckers Co-Operative2024-Apr-20
Ross 780 📄15.3Equestrian Naval Fleet2024-Apr-20
IL Aquarii 📄15.5Independents of IL Aquarii2024-Apr-20
Kokary 📄15.8Hutton Orbital Truckers Co-Operative2024-Apr-20
Groombridge 1618 📄15.9A Different Kind2024-Apr-20
Avik 📄15.9Earth Defense Fleet2024-Apr-20
Omicron-2 Eridani 📄16.3Kokary Liberals2024-Apr-20
Gendalla 📄16.6G 41-14 Purple Travel Solutions2024-Apr-20
Altair 📄16.7Elite Rebel Force2024-Apr-20
G 99-49 📄17.5Earth Defense Fleet2024-Apr-20
Wolf 1453 📄18.5Earth Defense Fleet2024-Apr-20
Luyten 347-14 📄18.6Luyten 347-14 Confederation2024-Apr-20
Luyten 205-128 📄19.0East India Company2024-Apr-20
Ross 47 📄19.0Earth Defense Fleet2024-Apr-20
Bhritzameno 📄19.1Green Party of Bhritzameno2024-Apr-20
36 Ophiuchi 📄19.3Hutton Orbital Truckers Co-Operative2024-Apr-20
YZ Canis Minoris 📄19.4Earth Defense Fleet2024-Apr-20
BR Piscium 📄19.5OrioN Navy2024-Apr-20
Wolf 1481 📄19.7Hutton Orbital Truckers Co-Operative2024-Apr-19
G 89-32 📄20.1Earth Defense Fleet2024-Apr-20
Struve 1321 📄20.1Struve 1321 Free2024-Apr-20
LHS 3531 📄20.2Gilgamesh Corps Orbital Protection2024-Apr-20
Wolf 562 📄20.2Hutton Orbital Truckers Co-Operative2024-Apr-20
LTT 3572 📄20.2Star Pilots2024-Apr-20
Saktsak 📄20.6A Different Kind2024-Apr-20
LHS 71 📄21.4Elite Rebel Force2024-Apr-20
Ross 104 📄21.7A Different Kind2024-Apr-20
Carener 📄21.9Carener Electronics Inc2024-Apr-20
Ross 775 📄21.9VX9 Defense Corp.2024-Apr-20
Wolf 629 📄21.9The Dark Wheel2024-Apr-20
LHS 3836 📄22.2Gilgamesh Corps Orbital Protection2024-Apr-20
LAWD 26 📄22.5East India Company2024-Apr-20
Ross 446 📄23.0Earth Defense Fleet2024-Apr-20
WISE J000517 📄23.2Blood Brothers from Alrai2024-Apr-20
PSPF-LF 2 📄23.4Hutton Orbital Truckers Co-Operative2024-Apr-20
G 203-47 📄24.3EG Union2024-Apr-20
Beta Hydri 📄24.3Beta Hydri Corporation2024-Apr-20
Wolf 25 📄24.3Hutton Orbital Truckers Co-Operative2024-Apr-20
Narenses 📄24.5Hutton Orbital Truckers Co-Operative2024-Apr-19
Ross 490 📄24.9LHS 2541 Alliance Combine2024-Apr-19