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Elite Dangerous Conflict Zones

Find space Conflict Zones in Elite: Dangerous and their intensities.

This information is updated automatically. It is not possible to tell where in the system the CZs are, nor how many of each. Data is for the Live game (Odyssey + Horizons 4.0)!

Search near within Ly (10 - 50).

Systems with conflict zones within 25 Ly of Sol (max 100)

SystemDistance (Ly)Faction 1Faction 2HighMedLowUpdated
Alpha Centauri 馃搫4.4 Partnership of Alpha Centauri Alpha Centauri Advanced Corp.2022-Dec-04
Luhman 16 馃搫6.6 Luhman 16 First Collective of Independent Agents2022-Dec-04
Lacaille 9352 馃搫10.7 Ross 780 Inc Quam Singulari2022-Dec-04
61 Cygni 馃搫11.4 Kruger 60 Free Barnard's Star Advanced Corp.2022-Dec-04
YZ Ceti 馃搫12.1 Luyten 347-14 Confederation Law Party of YZ Ceti2022-Dec-03
Luyten's Star 馃搫12.4 New Luyten's Star League Red Squadron2022-Dec-04
Kruger 60 馃搫13.1 Kruger 60 Free Kruger 60 & Co2022-Dec-03
Toolfa 馃搫14.0 Toolfa Network Traditional Toolfa Movement2022-Dec-03
TZ Arietis 馃搫14.6 Workers of TZ Arietis Democrats Bureau of TZ Arietis Law Party2022-Dec-04
LHS 449 馃搫14.8 Lacaille 8760 Allied Corp. Revolutionary Luyten 205-128 Coalition2022-Dec-04
Luyten 145-141 馃搫15.0 Luyten 145-141 for Equality League of Luyten 145-1412022-Dec-04
Ross 780 馃搫15.3 Ross 780 Inc Equestrian Naval Fleet2022-Dec-04
Ross 780 馃搫15.3 United Ross 780 Progressive Party Official Ross 780 Law Party2022-Dec-04
IL Aquarii 馃搫15.5 Lacaille 8760 Allied Corp. United IL Aquarii Flag2022-Dec-03
Kokary 馃搫15.8 Confederacy of Omicron-2 Eridani Earth Defense Fleet2022-Dec-04
Kokary 馃搫15.8 Kokary Liberals Kokary Justice Party2022-Dec-04
Gendalla 馃搫16.6 Gendalla Advanced Exchange Gendalla Free2022-Dec-04
Flousop 馃搫17.4 Workers of Flousop Progressive Party Flousop Silver Fortune Network2022-Dec-04
LHS 2459 馃搫17.5 LHS 2459 Advanced Corp. Terran Colonial Forces2022-Dec-04
Wolf 1453 馃搫18.5 Wolf 1453 & Co Defence Party of Wolf 14532022-Dec-04
Luyten 205-128 馃搫19.0 Liberals of Delta Pavonis IRON LEGION2022-Dec-03
Ross 47 馃搫19.0 Sirius Free YZ Canis Minoris Systems2022-Dec-03
Bhritzameno 馃搫19.1 Bhritzameno Industries Altair Defence Force2022-Dec-04
82 Eridani 馃搫19.7 Workers of 82 Eridani Values Party Crimson Legal & Co2022-Dec-03
Wolf 1481 馃搫19.7 Wolf 1481 Resistance 37 Xi Bootis Gold Advanced Ltd2022-Dec-03
Delta Pavonis 馃搫19.9 Delta Pavonis Galactic Interstellar Monarchy of Luyten 205-1282022-Dec-04
Delta Pavonis 馃搫19.9 Liberals of Delta Pavonis Autocracy of Delta Pavonis2022-Dec-04
G 89-32 馃搫20.1 G 89-32 Gold Power Incorporated Independent G 89-32 Partnership2022-Dec-03
Ross 986 馃搫20.5 Coalition of Wolf 294 Ross 986 Gold Advanced Int2022-Dec-04
Saktsak 馃搫20.6 Green Party of WISE 1506+7027 Saktsak Movement2022-Dec-04
Ross 775 馃搫21.9 Ross 775 for Equality Blue Netcoms Group2022-Dec-04
Midgcut 馃搫22.2 Independents of Midgcut Midgcut Jet Dynamic Commodities2022-Dec-04
Ross 671 馃搫22.3 Social Ross 671 for Equality Ross 671 Galactic Industries2022-Dec-04
G 203-47 馃搫24.3 Nationals of G 203-47 17th Federal Fleet2022-Dec-04
Wolf 25 馃搫24.3 Wolf 25 Independents NLTT 55164 Creative Exchange2022-Dec-04
Haghole 馃搫24.6 Green Party of Bhritzameno Haghole Regulatory State2022-Dec-04
Zeessze 馃搫24.6 Future of Zeessze Zeessze Natural Group2022-Dec-03