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Core Mining Ship Builds and FAQ

October 2021 - Written for EDC Academy (https://discord.gg/elite)

Originally written by anonymous, currently maintained by Winter Ihernglass (forbiddenlake)

Core Mining Builds

In order of recommended progression:

* A viable alternative to the Cobra MkIII, but can be skipped.

** For core mining the Python is probably the best as it has a nice balance between cargo space, agility, and speed which is more important for core mining than laser where raw optional space and PD size is king, but if you want to run something bigger, the Anaconda will do just fine. Just keep in mind it will take way longer to fill, and you will not be able to sell to outposts.

How to Core Mine

For a guide on how to core mine, including how to identify and crack cores, please check out this video guide from CMDR Hawkes:


See also CMDR VicTic’s post and videos on the shape of core asteroids here.

Where to Core Mine

Any ring of the appropriate type, optionally with a hotspot. Hotspots don’t increase the chance of finding cores, but they do increase the chance that a core is the named mineral, and slightly increase surface deposit yield.  Reserve level does not matter for core mining.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I bring a Subsurface displacement missile or mining lasers?

A: Not really, for core mining you’re going to want to be focusing on core minerals only and finding motherlode asteroids. Mining subsurface or surface is just going to waste time and not make you any money. If you have extra room, though, feel free.

Q: I can’t find any cores! I’ve been trying for ages, what gives?

A: Finding cores is a skill that takes time and practice, so practice more, and pay careful attention to the shape of the asteroids and how bright they look for you. Also, core asteroids are shared globally. When a player cracks a core asteroid it does not respawn for another week, for EVERYONE. So in popular areas you may struggle to find cores; if that’s the case then try another ring.

Q: I get optimum yield indicated but when the asteroid explodes it tells me I’m above it and there is a poor yield, why?

A: This is a known bug, that sometimes says you have put too much power but you actually haven’t, it can safely be ignored if you’re not hitting the red on the mini-game.