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Robigo Mines - Passenger Mission Guide

Written for EDC Academy (https://discord.gg/elite) - May 2024

Originally written by anonymous, currently maintained by Winter Ihernglass (forbiddenlake).


Robigo passenger missions are currently one of the better ways of making credits in the game, clocking in between 100 - 120 million per hour with the right ship & engineering. It is also a good source of engineering materials that are only obtainable via missions, such as Exquisite Focus Crystals, or Biotech Conductors.



  1. Head out to the Robigo system. It is on the outskirts of the bubble, so you can always take your bubble taxi ship (not Apex) to Hauser’s Reach station and ship your Robigo ship over. (A bubble taxi is a ship outfitted for good jump range, and possibly not much else)
  2. Dock at the Robigo Mines outpost, and check the passenger lounge board. You are looking for all of the missions with the destination of Sirius Atmospherics in Sothis. Try to avoid “high value target” passengers if possible.
  3. Load up your cabins as you see fit, whether that is based on credits or engineering mats, then head out to Sothis. You want a ship with above 30.15 LY of range to keep it down to 2 jumps; this is why engineering/GFSD booster are important.
  4. When you arrive in Sothis, use your Discovery Scanner and then check your navigation panel for Sirius Atmospherics. If you don’t see it yet, then head to Sothis A 5 instead, about 1700 Ls from the star. Sirius Atmospherics should appear in your nav panel when you are under 1000 Ls away.
  5. Head to the Sirius Atmospherics beacon. You can use Supercruise Overcharge if you have it, just be careful not to overshoot your target.
  6. Exit supercruise and scan the beacon (target the white object, not the waypoint, then point at it for 10 seconds), then head back to Robigo Mines for your payout.
  7. Enjoy the profit!


Q. Why Robigo Mines and not Hauser’s Reach?

A: Robigo Mines has far less security, which is good because you will likely have multiple illegal passengers. It is also closer to the star than Hauser’s Reach, meaning less supercruise time. Because of this, a Python working out of Robigo Mines gets better cr/hr than a Beluga out of Hauser’s Reach, despite the extra cabin space. Hawkes Gaming compared speedruns in both if you want to see it in video form.