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Sirius Corporation Covert Creations (SCCC) - Elite: Dangerous Utilities

By Commander Winter Ihernglass. Not affiliated with Li-Yong Rui, PowerPlay, nor any player minor factions. Still secretly controlling a galaxy near you. Contact: official forums · Inara.

Conflict Zone / War finder

Find space conflict zones and their intensities, automatically updated. Want to find a Federation vs Imperial high-intensity conflict zone, for that explosive capital ship on capital ship action? We've got you covered.

Bounty Hunting spots

Find compromised navigation beacons and resource extraction sites and their intensities, automatically updated. This means the information is much more complete than other sources, and keeps up with navigation beacons when they change state.

Community Goal Progress

Visualize and predict community goal progress by looking at pretty graphs.


A few guides on making credits via Robigo passenger runs and mining.

Ship Anatomy

Interactive ship blueprints. A rehosting of Anton Natarov's tool.

Screenshot Limpet

A small EDMC plugin that moves a screenshot somewhere else.